Wednesday, January 27

Mixed Housing?

I learned about Neighbourhood Housing at the Welcoming Communities conference in Ottawa this week. Considering all the work that is occuring on mixed housing situations, housing with social services, co-op housing, etc... I thought this would be a useful model to know about and learn from. Hope it is inspiring, it was for me!

Tuesday, December 29

CRY- Child Rights and You.

Here is another blog worth checking out.

I worked with this organization for a short time while in Mumbai in 2006.
I learned a lot about what people there are trying to do for child rights and also the rights of people in general. It amazed me to learn that many people still live under old world caste system presumptions. CRY goes out and empowers people, gets kids back into school, makes people aware of options alternative to child labour.

Wednesday, December 23


Anonymous said...
I am working on educating myself. Today I learned about these atrocities:

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jennifer said...
There was a very graphic and informative mixed media installment at the U of C a couple years ago and they were stories from Falun Gong 'practioners'. Thanks for sharing this article.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Homelessness & Housing in Calgary

Heath said...
Hey folks, I'm working on a project looking at the causes of homelessness among adults between the age 50-64. This group is ineligible for many gov't income supports and has few possibilities to receive subsidized housing.

I'm currently working on a project on the shelter needs of women who became homeless for the first time after age 50.

Jennifer said...
Hey Heath, are those projects connected? Would you be willing to share the link to the tool you recently developed with the Faculty of Social Work? PS. Do you know how you post articles on this thing!?

Jhalvorsen said...
I just spent six hours in a meeting discussing coordinating the two family shelters in Calgary. I am also trying to learn all about how to successfully mix tenants in affordable housing so we can make healthy communities, drawing people from both low-income and homeless situations with a mix of incomes, issues and strengths.

Jennifer said...
Hey Jeff, I think this is a complicated and excellent idea (can I say, experiment?).
How is the project coming?
Is it a challenging process to gain the support of middle/high income individuals or families to actually take part?

Tuesday, December 22

Where to Start?

Just to get an idea of who is doing what, provide a short description of the most interesting thing you are currently work on. I have shared a few of my own that you may add to in addition to sharing your own. This should provide us a with a unique starting point for discussion!

Monday, December 21

Women in Office

Just a question as I dig through the many ways that I can influence the decision-making processes of our country and world:

How useful is it for anyone to run for office?

How useful is it for women (both for the woman and the public)?

I'm seriously pursuing politics. I hope to find a space where I can understand how marginalized people can influence the decision-making process and how processes can be understood by marginalized people. How can this be done effectively?

NewOld Books Worth Reading

If there is something that has really got your juices flowing during these frigidly cold days, share the wealth! I am still making my way through 'The Idea of Justice' by Sen and would love to discuss it with anyone who is reading, has read or wants to read the book!

Is it more practical to consider a just vs. an unjust society?

Weaving together theory and practice

I hope that this month we can share what projects we are working on and some questions that we are pondering...

Currently, I'm exploring funding opportunities that allow for 'action research' or research outcomes that are directly applicable to practice. In this case I am proposing to research reforms to newcomer youth programs in Toronto that are geared toward evolving populations with diverse and interconnected needs. I hope to employ film, radio, theatre, storytelling, spoken word, among other mediums to document and disseminate research outcomes suggested by youth. Any comments and/or ideas for discussion would be greatly appreciated.

How can we really ensure that research is bridged to practice?

Even if we use 'accessible' mediums like film and theatre how do we measure their impact or reach?

Anonymous said...
Currently, I'm completing an application for funding to work with the Akwesasne youth in New York State. I'm proposing an action research project where the youth guide the process for defining an agenda for action according to what issues are important to them. If you're interested in proofreading the proposal or just providing some insight, I've got a couple more days with it! Thanks! Jennifer

Wednesday, November 4

Where to Start?

Just to get an idea of who is doing what, provide a short description of the most interesting thing you are currently work on. This should provide us a with a unique starting point for discussion!